A Braid of Frost and Felt

A previously joint project in experimental conjoined creativity...perhaps it will wander back there someday..right now it is what it is, somewhat solo...mostly poems and pictures...occasionally wandering into my interests in Houdini, Lewis Carroll, keys, time, birth and many more of the odd explorations that make me, well me

Today feels like a good day to reflect on a positive memory, so I thought I would share….

This was almost one year ago now, and that is absolutely Alan Rickman politely smiling at me while I excitedly told him that I had won the tickets to see Seminar that night in a writing contest….HUGE shout-out to Figment for being an awesome writing community and setting that contest up!  

Anyway, I told him that the whole evening had been “fantastically apropos” because of it, and he was very sweet in response to my silly words spoken enthusiastically.  

Click here if you want to read the essay I wrote last year for that contest.  Gosh, it all still makes me smile :)   

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    Aw! That’s so sweet!! And lucky you. I want to be a writer, so I would have KILLED for an opportunity to win a writing...
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